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It happened by accident!

A decade ago Charlie & Lisa were taking a Sunday drive to the historic village of Hope, New Jersey. As they were walking around this lovely town admiring the architecture and sites, they noticed a vacant coffee shop, known by the locals as “skips” for sale. 

Charlie, a recently, retired cabinet maker of thirty years in New York City and Lisa, a photographer, looked at each other and not exactly sure what they would do with it, said “why not”? So they jumped in and bought the building.

For the past ten years Charlie & Lisa have been happily selling antiques, primitives, signage, and collectibles.

Priding themselves as passionate recyclers, you'll often find reclaimed wood used  as a component in Charlie's custom furniture and Lisa's quirky adorable folk art. The merchandise is an ever changing array of items found during road trips as well as Lisa's knack for seeking out the unusual. This dynamic duo always has something up their sleeve, so why not take a drive to Historic Hope, find out what Hope Junction Antiques are all about. You never know what one might find!




Bed and Board was conceived out of a passion for collecting the things that make us feel pampered in our home!  With a background in textile design, Florrie is naturally drawn to beautiful fabrics, linens, dishes, books, the occasional snippet of lace, even the odd piece of furniture that can be transformed with paint!  The inventory changes; sometimes with a cache of new finds from the markets of Paris, and sometimes with a ‘find’ while rummaging on a day out with ‘the girls’.   There’s antique silver plate, paintings  and well… take a walk upstairs to find your find!


Kathy Kays whose vendor space is called "Books, Bags and Baubles," specializes in vintage books, handbands, and jewelry.

However, she also has a great assortment of vintage clothing and accessories ranging from the Victorian period to the 1970's. Vintage toys, primitive kitchen items, glassware and china can also be found in the section of the store. She has 25 years of buying and selling great antiques.

Trish's passion for rich history and culture is very strong. She is a world traveler and adventurer who always brings back her findings to Hope Junction Antiques. Living in Blairstown her whole life, Trish brings the cultures of the world to this little town. You will find treasures from Egypt, European decorations, and accessories from almost every state here in America. Trish also collects childrens games, literature, and toys from the past. You will always find something exciting with this ever-changing collection of antiques and decor from all over the world!

Listen to Lisa's interview on WRNJ Radio
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