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Moon Madness

Look what I found! Actually, I should say, "Look what one of my favorite artists did!" This fabulous piece is a reminder of a time when moon and pie were two of my favorite words, especially when they were said together. It will be at my gallery store this weekend. Along with that, we have some new pieces which Charlie has worked his "magic" on.

Unique little side table - old legs, new top!

We hope that when you come by to see the "Come Into the Light" exhibit, which will be up this weekend, August 18 and 19, (11-4PM), you will tell us what you think. I'm off and about today, exploring for new goodies, so chances are there will be even more to see! Come on over and "sit a spell".

Wouldn't this look good on an enclosed porch or entryway?

Hope to see you soon!!


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