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Greetings from the Porch @ Hope Junction

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

Our front porch, featuring our guard Pig Our gallery is across the street

For a while now, people have suggested we share our thoughts and some of the local events we know

about right here, on a blog. So, we have decided to give it a go! After all, Hope Junction Antiques is located at the epicenter of the town of Hope and we do get to meet (and see) a lot of the people who pass through what we have begun to think of the heart of the town: the 4 corners where 519 crosses over High Street, right in the middle of town. Today (Sat. 7/14) we happily hosted a good number of people who came for this event:

Two Artists & A Bunch of Banjos

Saturday & Sunday

July 14 & 15

11-5 PM

Painting by Will Harmuth

The man who did the painting above is married to the woman who did the painting below. There's a lot of talent in the family, and we wanted to make sure people knew about them. It was a great event. Paintings were sold, people were met, food was consumed and we loved it. We will be continuing the exhibit through tomorrow, Sunday, 7/15. We hope you will be able to drop by, and, if/when you do, please make sure to enter the raffle to win a painting by Will. When you are there, please add your name to our mailing list so we can keep you up to date on some of the other neat things we will be doing this summer.

Painting by Lisa Helmuth

If, for a good reason you don't make it, don't forget to come visit us soon, anyway. We are constantly finding new treasures and we would love to share our discoveries with you.

Hope Junction Antiques

331 High St.

Hope, NJ

Open Wed. thru Sunday

11-5 PM

Lisa Uilo

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